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Soap Opera Stars With Low Net Worths

By newadmin / Published on Tuesday, 26 May 2020 02:09 AM / No Comments / 54 views

While fans adore their favorite soap opera shows and stars, daytime drama actresses and actors don’t get paid as much as their primetime peers. Despite that, there are some veterans and long-time talents that have been able to earn a pretty good living and accumulate some substantial wealth. Then there are those stars that have earned some decent money, but still seem like they should be making more because of their hard work and talent. Below is an overview of some soap stars with surprisingly low net worths.

12. Eileen Davidson 

Estimated Net Worth of $2 Million. A two-million-dollar net worth is nothing to sneeze at; however, considering how long Eileen Davidson has been in the land of soap operas (over 40 years now), and the fact that she’s held iconic roles on both the Young and the Restless and Days of Our Lives (not to mention Bold and the Beautiful), her net worth seems like it should be more. Mix in other projects like The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and her net worth of $2 million makes even less sense!

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