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Queen wears colour of hope and recycles ‘classic and elegant’ brooch for latest appearance

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The spoke to scientists, educators, and schoolchildren via video call on Friday to mark British Science Week. In the video posted on Instagram, Her Majesty reacted to photographs taken of Mars by NASA.

“It’s unbelievable really to think one can actually see the surface,” the Queen said, looking at images of the Red Planet.

She added: “It’s wonderful work you’re all doing.”

For the video call, the monarch wore a turquoise dress covered in a subtle tortoiseshell pattern and made from a seemingly thin, silk-like material.

The Queen has worn turquoise, or similar green shades, on many past occasions.

Most notably, last April at the start of the pandemic, the monarch addressed the nation in a message of support wearing an emerald dress and a bright turquoise brooch.


At the time, experts commented on the symbolism of her green and turquoise outfit choice, noting that turquoise is the colour of hope, healing, serenity, and calmness.

The turquoise stone, which the colour is named after, also represents hope and good fortune, according to American jeweller Eragem.

As for her jewellery during the video call on Friday, the Queen opted for her famous pearl earrings and matched them with three strings of pearls around her neck.

On her left lapel, she wore her pearl trefoil brooch, that again complemented her choice of jewellery well.

This brooch, which Her Majesty has worn since the 1980s, has three top loops which mimic the three-fold design present in architecture.

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Featuring five pearls, the largest pearl is at the brooch’s centre, while the other four point outwards from the centre in each direction.

The brooch itself is silver and is studded with small diamonds.

The origin of the brooch is unclear, but it has been reported that the first time Her Majesty wore the pearl trefoil was for her annual Christmas broadcast in 1985.

Since then, the Queen has worn the brooch on numerous occasions, as well as for other Christmas broadcasts in 1992, 1997, 2000, and 2005.

More recently, before the virtual call on March 12 to mark British Science Week, the Queen wore the brooch for another virtual appearance – when she met with government representatives in South Australia on February 24.

During this virtual meeting, the monarch opted for a pale baby pink dress and once again wore her pearl earrings and three pearl necklaces.

Charlotte Price, Head of Design at 77 Diamonds, one of Europe’s largest online jeweller, offered her expert analysis on the trefoil brooch.

She said: “If ever there was a versatile royal jewel, beloved of Her Majesty the Queen, this classic and elegant pearl trefoil might just be it.

“Since the 1980s, the Queen has donned this brooch, recycling and re-styling it again and again, for a panoply of occasions and appearances, including most recently a video call this past week,” Charlotte added.

The jewellery expert examined the brooch’s appearance and style, saying: “The trefoil style is composed of three loops and is a design motif found in architecture and historic Christian symbolism.

This particular brooch, encrusted with pavé diamonds and five pearls set in undulating yellow gold, could almost be called a quatrefoil because there is a fourth loop, though it differs from the top three.

“It has been said to resemble the form of a spade from a deck of cards.”

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