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Paris Hilton Gets Emotional Talking About Her Past At This Reform School She Was Forced To Attend In Her Teens – Reveals She Still Gets ‘Nightmares’

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The socialite opened up about her time in reform school back when she was only a teenager and admitted that she still gets nightmares! Paris Hilton got emotional discussing her past there, stressing that the only thing that helped her not simply lose her sanity in there was the thought of the type of person she would be once she was out.

As fans may know, Paris Hilton was sent to a wilderness reform school back when she was still a teen and it sounds like it truly scarred her!

The star went through hell and so, even now, more than two decades later, she still has nightmares about her time there.

Paris Hilton mentioned this in a teaser for her upcoming YouTube Originals documentary, titled This Is Paris.

The woman can be seen DJ’ing in Belgium in front of an impressive audience size and her sister Nicky Hilton Rothschild can be heard saying: ‘They say that [with] trauma, the mind might forget, but the body never forgets. It is trapped in you, and it can just come out whenever.’

That is when Paris states in a voice-over that: ‘I don’t even know who I am sometimes. I didn’t use to be that way.’

Then, throwback clips are shown and she goes on to confess that ‘Something happened in my childhood that I have never talked about with anyone.’

Nicky goes on to mention her past with Paris and their mother Kathy, saying that ‘I just heard screaming bloody murder.’

‘But I couldn’t tell you guys, because every time I tried, I would get punished by them. I still have nightmares about it,’ Paris tells.

More video footage is shown of a teen Paris in front of a bunk bed, her father’s voice declaring excitedly that they were at her new school.

This comes after Paris also discussed the school while on No Filter, with Naomi Campbell.

The star slammed the place, saying that it would mentally and physically abuse kids and since it’s been reopened, and the same happens today, she felt like she had to talk about it even though Paris has been so scarred by her experience there.


For more about that, tune in to This Is Paris on September 14.

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