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Kim Zolciak Drags Haters Speculating She Altered Her Face During Quarantine – Check Out Her Video!

By newadmin / Published on Wednesday, 12 Aug 2020 23:04 PM / No Comments / 42 views

People on social media have been speculating that Kim Zolciak went under the knife while in quarantine after sharing a new pic on her go-to platform. However, the reality TV star was quick to clap back at the haters, holding nothing back.

It appears that many users are under the impression that Kim Zolciak did some ‘altering’ to her looks, taking advantage of the lockdown to stay at home and heal.

However, the celeb made it very clear that they were all reaching and that she definitely did not go under the knife, especially not during quarantine!

The former Real Housewives of Atlanta star started by addressing all the critics with: ‘If you b*****s could only behave for, I don’t know, a week on my Instagram.’

The video showed the woman in the comfort of her own home, zero makeup on and wearing her glasses.

She went on to explain: ‘Listen, I live a f***ing dream — great husband, amazing, healthy kids, I am healthy, 3 successful companies, my own TV show; I don’t give a f**k if you think my face looks altered, because I want to know who is getting a f***ing altered face during quarantine, sweetie. I want to know who is getting a f***ing altered face when they’re on blood thinner. Please tell me a plastic surgeon that’s gonna want to touch my face, please.’

And she was not done! Kim Zolciak added that: ‘If you find one, let me f***ing know. Anyway bitter b**ches, listen, find Jesus, find some f***ing positivity in your life stop being f**king nasty because some of you are f***ing ugly.’ Yikes!

Obviously, Kim Zolciak was not at all happy about the rumors that she got plastic surgery during this COVID-19 crisis and she made that perfectly clear.


She did not hesitate to drag all the haters for gossiping about her looks and people should know better now than to mess with her!

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