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Kate Middleton hair: How to recreate the Duchess’ bouncy blow dry

By newadmin / Published on Sunday, 21 Jun 2020 02:35 AM / No Comments / 44 views

has become known for her stylish fashion sense and flawless bouncy blow dry. Her elegant hair style has the nickname ‘The Chelsea Blow Dry and Kate has been rocking it for many years. Even with the UK in lockdown, Kate has still been looking stylish on her zoom calls. A celebrity stylist has revealed how you can recreate The Duchess’ bouncy curls for yourself.

Jamie Stevens, Celebrity Hairdresser and owner of Jamie Stevens Hair Salons has shared his tips with on how to get the perfect blow dry just like Kates.

He said: “Kate’s signature blow dry is a beautiful way to wear hair and looks healthy and groomed. This looks especially good on brunette locks to show off the shine.”

However, of course this can be replicated on all hair types and colours. This includes short, medium and long hair.

Hairdresser to ITV’s Lorraine, Jamie explained how this hair look is a great way to maintain healthy looking and well-groomed hair.


Again, choosing the correct brush will ultimately give the desired result so it is worth investing in a good quality one.

The hairdresser added: “Add a small pump of Kerastase oil to the ends then when dry, use a medium-large Hot Tools tong taking medium sections and directing the hair away from the face.”

Directing the hair away from the face is key to achieving The Duchess’ elegant look because the hair will be swept away from your face.

Jamie said: “Spray the whole hair with hairspray then let each barrel curl set and cool down before brushing through using a paddle brush.”

You will need to put aside a decent amount of time to perfect Kate’s look and it may take some practise getting control over the hairdryer.

More recently, The Duchess has been seen with her hair tied back, especially in her lockdown zoom calls to people all over the country.

To achieve Kate’s ponytail, it is best to start with one day old hair as this will control the fly aways. You then want to scrape the hair towards the back of your head and secure with a bobble.

Kate has opted for a low ponytail on several occasions but you can decide whereabouts you wish to place the bobble.

The Duchess has also been seen with her hair half up, half down. This is where you scrape the top section of your hair, starting at your ears and going towards the crown of your head.

You then want to secure the top part with a bobble and then curl the remaining hair lightly or leave it straight, depending on the look you wish to achieve, Kate has been seen rocking both.

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