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How AMUZE Redefines the Luxury and Designer Goods Shopping Experience Through Instagram

By newadmin / Published on Wednesday, 07 Apr 2021 13:14 PM / No Comments / 5 views

Over the last 10 years, the luxury shopping experience has evolved exponentially. With the rise of the digital age and the sweeping impact of social media not only in the United States, but globally, the consumer shopping experience has since been irrevocably transformed. For so long, consumers in the market for luxury and designer goods have been groomed to shop directly, visiting designer stores in person like those on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills or on Fifth Avenue in New York City. But the luxury and designer market has been disrupted in recent years as the development of discounted luxury goods through online retailers has soared. Instead of paying premium prices at designer stores, consumers have found the value in buying the same goods, brand new at discounted prices online. Over the last two years, one discounted designer retailer has been making waves on Instagram. Introducing Jonathan Chesner’s AMUZE.

For luxury and designer aficionados, finding the best deal is like a hunt. And with a clientele that’s well-versed in where to go to find the best prices for new and trending items, many times @AMUZEInc has been discovered purely by word-of-mouth. For instance, when looking for a pair of SS21 Golden Goose sneakers, one client stumbled across the Insta retailer when her friend told her that she had gotten her own pair of in-season Golden Gooses from @AMUZEInc for 30% off. @AMUZEInc Instagram stories yield tens of thousands of views all from clientele looking to nab the next best deal. And by now, we’ve all grown accustomed to online shopping, but Chesner is single-handedly changing the way people shop luxury thanks to AMUZEInc. With more than $900,00 in sales a month, AMUZE clientele shop solely through Instagram. Whether you’re trying to nab a pair of Valentino Rockstud pumps, the new spring Bottega Veneta bag, or perhaps a Saint Laurent tote, the @AMUZEInc Instagram account offers an interactive shopping experience for consumers via their growing platform with discounts of 30-50% off retail price. And as major social media heavyweights like Facebook and Instagram are slowly adapting to shopping via social media with new and improved advancements to their sites and apps, Chesner has been operating his business solely on Instagram for years now. Despite the fact that many brands utilize the “swipe up” feature on Instagram to link followers to their website, unlike competitors, AMUZE offers an intimate shopping experience where consumers simply swipe up to purchase items directly and through the link. AMUZE additionally offers the ultimate customer service experience through direct messaging where clientele can get in touch directly with @AMUZEInc within 24 hours of messaging them on Instagram. Working directly with boutiques who purchase directly from brands, Chesner’s product comes direct from Italy and often ships within a week from purchasing. As the AMUZE client base continues to rapidly grow, Chesner is in the process of enhancing the customer service experience. Now based in Italy where he resides with his family, Chesner is quickly becoming a fixture in the fashion community as the go-to for the newest trends at the best prices.
With an unbeatable selection of new and in-season designer goods, AMUZE is positioned for even greater success as the business continues to evolve. Today, the popularity in wearing designer fashion is a clear indication of the cultural zeitgeist of the Generation Z and Millennial generations. And for those looking for luxury goods at a discounted price, AMUZE is the obvious choice. To learn more about AMUZE, follow them on @AMUZEInc on Instagram.

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