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Halsey Details Police Encounter at Los Angeles George Floyd Protest

By newadmin / Published on Monday, 01 Jun 2020 09:07 AM / No Comments / 3 views

Halsey took to social media Saturday to detail her experience taking part in a George Floyd protest in Los Angeles, with the singer revealing that she sustained a bruise after being hit by a rubber bullet.

“A true patriot is someone who will rebel against the government if it becomes necessary, to protect the greater good of their fellow citizens. We are patriots,” Halsey tweeted Saturday.

“If you are not, you are a coward. THIS is what democracy looks like.”

The singer, who attended the Black Lives Matter rally in Los Angeles Saturday with Yungblud, also livestreamed the protest’s altercation with police officers.

“Fired rubber bullets at us. We did not breach the line. Hands were up. Unmoving. And they gassed and fired,” Halsey tweeted.

The singer added, “I WAS NOT ARRESTED. Im safe. There were ppl I had to get to safety as many of them have VISAs. Myself + many of my peers were shot, gassed + antagonized. The frontline was calm + did not provoke. BUT MANY ARE NOT SAFE + MANY ARE IN CUSTODY.”

In a since-deleted post on her Instagram (via Stereogum), Halsey uploaded a photo of her bruised leg. “This hit me through layers of fabric and for that, I am extremely privileged. At close range it would have caused serious injury. They were fired at peoples’ faces during peaceful moments of the demonstration.”

On Thursday, Halsey wrote of the death of George Floyd, “If you have friends and family who are privileged enough to ‘stay away from this kind of news’ then take that fucking privilege away. Uplift the voices of black members of your community voicing their fear or outrage or grief.”

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