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Five Things To Know About Made In Italy Brand IJO’ design

By newadmin / Published on Monday, 15 Mar 2021 20:17 PM / No Comments / 16 views

In a world brimming with fleeting trends, Italian label IJO’ design is a sweet reminder that the best things in life are uncomplicated. With a stark emphasis on sustainability and traditional craft, here’s everything you need to know about the brand. 

How It Began

With the dream of combining ancient tradition and a modern-day emphasis on slow and sustainable fashion, founder Annalisa Surace launched IJO’ design as a brand that honors tradition while maintaining a current day mentality. Surace, who believes everything begins at the home—or, in this case, the brand’s Pugliese design workshops—felt the obligation to pay tribute to Italian fashion, craftsmanship, and design as well as introduce a business plan that kept eco-sensitivity and the wellbeing of the wearer top-of-mind. And the brand’s successful 20-year-long love story is proof. 

How It’s Made

Each collection employs ancient Apulian weaving techniques, and is carefully hand-woven on century-old handlooms made of olive wood in the brand’s small workshops in Puglia, where time moves slowly and fashion follows suit. From sustainably-sourced cashmere to meticulously hand-woven macramé fringed finishes, the brand’s commitment to a sustainable future is obvious. 

Emphasis on Quality

As one may guess, IJO’ design works with the finest of fabrics—which check all boxes in the sustainable and quality departments. Locally-sourced and carefully selected, the fabrics are individually chosen to complement the brand’s character and give shape to each piece. Materials are of high quality, and manufacturing incorporates ethical production and environmental fairness. 

Brand Vibe

 To summarize the brand’s aesthetic would be easiest using the words “versatile” and “elegant,” but to do such a thing would be a disservice to the depth of the Surace’s overall vision. Handmade details, geometric silhouettes, a neutral-focused palette, and the sophisticated simplicity of each piece—capes, ponchos, draping sleeves—accomplish Surace’s sustainable mission while never compromising on conscious, yet elegant style. 

A Collection Must-have

 The fine wool midi Cross Dress is detailed with blue and chartreuse wrap-around ribbons and is the perfect piece for a day-to-night transition. 

Where you can find it:

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