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Cosmopolitan México Faces Backlash for Arielle Charnas Cover

By newadmin / Published on Wednesday, 02 Sep 2020 10:35 AM / No Comments / 14 views

Arielle Charnas is in the controversy chair once again. E! News host Lilliana Vazquez is fired up that Cosmopolitan México’s latest issue features Charnas on the cover. Last night Vazquez hosted an Instagram Live conversation to discuss why this is so problematic and infuriating to the Latinx community. Vazquez tells The Daily why she’s so ticked off. 

Why are you so fired up about this?
As a host and journalist, I’ve worked in mainstream media for more than a decade now and I’ve seen very little change over those last ten years. I am tired of feeling invisible and deeply hurt about the lack of energy and effort put forth by mainstream media to include us and create space for our talent and voice. But when one of our own magazines, in this case Cosmopolitan Mexico, chooses to endorse someone that has no connection to our community and who has done nothing to create opportunity for our gente [people], how can you not be outraged. They have a responsibility to the reader to champion and amplify the voice of the Latinx community—by not doing so, you are sending the message that we are not enough.

Why do you think Arielle was put on the cover?
I’m still looking for an answer. I personally reached out to Cosmopolitan Mexico for a statement but have not received any communication via email or social media. My community is asking hard questions and it’s my hope that CosmoMX will be open to feedback and that they are willing to be part of a much needed dialogue. My goal is to affect change—how do we grow from this mistake? How do we unify to create more opportunity for Latinx influencers, entertainers, and our heroes to shine.

Has Arielle responded to you in any way?
Mrs. Charnas blocked me yesterday. Autumn Communications, the PR agency for her brand Something Navy, emailed me at 12:16am to “chat about these posts.” I am eager and excited to hear what they have to add to this conversation.

Lilliana Vazquez (Courtesy)

If Cosmo is going to cover influencers, who do you think should go on the cover?
How many pages are y’all giving me for this article?! Here are five Latinx women who are powerful, smart and who have built inspiring brands that strengthen our community: Monica Style Muse @monicastylemuse, Dulce Candy @dulcecandy,Iris Beilin @irisbeilin, Gaby Gomez @modacapital, and Desi Perkins @desiperkins.

What keeps you fighting?
I fight to honor the past because our parents and our grandparents fought for our futures. They are ‘luchadores’ so it’s in our blood. And as hard and tiring as this battle may be, we won’t stop. Siempre Pa’lante!  

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