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Company’s Successful Launch During Pandemic, Highlights the Importance of Agility & Flexibility in Business

By newadmin / Published on Monday, 01 Jun 2020 22:21 PM / No Comments / 26 views

By: Alexandra Sharova

Just as in life, things don’t always go according to plan in the business world…a notion that Chad Horstman, CEO and Founder of understands better than most. When his new company, a health and wellness e-commerce site, was set to launch in the new year, the pandemic broke out causing quite the disruption. COVID-19 not only halted production and stopped travel, but it shut down the company’s distribution center—news that would typically result in closing down a startup. However, Horstman being a serial entrepreneur with years of e-comm experience under this belt, including successful sites like, took the situation as an opportunity. In order to keep his team employed, while simultaneously providing sought-after goods that were in-large sold out across the country, the CEO pivoted his business.

Green Supply switched its focus from natural supplements and wellness-based CBD products to importing branded, hand sanitizer spray, UV-C light boxes, and much-needed KN95 masks. Horstman explains that it felt like a “patriotic duty” to help create distribution channels for in-demand goods during the initial outbreak, which is why for the first few months the company operated on a not-for-profit basis. Additionally, GreenSupply adopted a work-from-home distribution model to prioritize the safety of its employees.

Due to Horstman’s connections and experience, GreenSupply has been able to respond quicker than its competitors to demands in the market, often providing sold out products and otherwise neglected goods to its customers at pre pandemic prices. An example of this is the quick turnaround of adding hair clippers to the arsenal of items on the site. Between the company’s nimble nature and unparalleled focus on customer needs and service, it’s clear why those that initially came for a mask have become true fans of GreenSupply and are ready to join the company in their next phase of business.

Horstman’s entrepreneurial mindset and focus on putting his employees and consumers before profits, highlights the importance of doing “good” business, especially in hard times. Ultimately, it’s the very thing that allowed GreenSupply to not only launch during one the hardest economic climates, but to flourish.


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