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Billie Lee Reveals Why Jax Taylor Didn’t Want To Film With Her — Reveals He Started Tom Sandoval Cheating Rumors

By newadmin / Published on Thursday, 18 Jun 2020 06:06 AM / No Comments / 49 views

Before Bravo started holding their stars accountable for their actions, Billie Lee was the first to speak about the offensive behavior some of the cast exhibited. Recently, she revealed that Jax Taylor refused to film with her and now she is opening up about why.

When Billie first joined the show, she did a scene where she was invited on Stassi Schroeder’s podcast after the now-fired reality star came under fire for criticizing black people for ‘making everything about them’ with the Black Lives Matter movement.

Lee was the first to confront her about her inflammatory statements. On camera, it seemed like the cast was welcoming her with open arms but off-camera — it was a different story.

Especially with Jax. While speaking to Page Six, Billie recalled Taylor complimenting her while the cameras were rolling but changing his tune when they stopped.

‘Jax and a lot of people were very kind to me on Pride when I first met them and in front of the camerasJax and a lot of people were very kind to me on Pride when I first met them and in front of the cameras. When the cameras were off later that day, he told me a story about how he hung out with a girl and kissed her and found out she was a dude and it grossed him out and made it clear that he’s not into that. And so for me, I was very like, ‘Oh, 360. Like, you’re coming on to me in front of the camera. But off-camera, you’re making it clear that being trans is gross and you are not down for that.’

She went on to say that Jax was the one who spread those rumors about her and Tom Sandoval hooking up only because the TomTom owner was so nice to her.

The activist also explained exactly why he didn’t want to film with her.

‘He said, ‘Yeah, I didn’t want you around because I don’t want everything I worked hard for to be taken away. We shouldn’t have to tippytoe around Billie because she’s trans.’


This is ironic because now the Mamaw’s beer cheese co-founder is being exposed for his homophobic, transphobic, and biphobic comments.

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