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Best & Worst Actresses To Work With According To Their Costars

By newadmin / Published on Tuesday, 02 Jun 2020 03:08 AM / No Comments / 1 views

As celebrities establish themselves in Hollywood, their talent is obviously a focus, but so is how others talk about them. A star’s reputation can be one of their biggest benefits or biggest detriments when it comes to their career, and while starpower can sometimes override a bad reputation, that doesn’t last very long. While there are many actresses in Hollywood who are highly sought after, others have fallen off the radar as word gets around that they are a bit difficult to work with. Here are the best and worst actresses to work with according to their costars:

16. Worst: Mariah Carey

It is well known that Mariah Carey has a well-earned reputation as one of the entertainment industry’s biggest divas, and whether on the set of a TV or film project or on the set of a music video, she has become known as quite a nightmare to work with. Her demands have always been known to be outrageous but one of the most public displays of her unbelievable behavior was when she appeared on American Idol. Her on-air feuds and squabbles with Nicki Minaj were awkward, unprofessional and embarrassing.

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