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Accidental Influencer January Jones and Her Fashionable Quaratine

By newadmin / Published on Thursday, 03 Sep 2020 21:43 PM / No Comments / 14 views

Has anyone checked in on Betty Draper?

I recently found myself rather drawn to January Jones’ Instagram. Was it her Foundrae necklaces? The extra-terrestrial-esque skincare devices? Her miniature doppelgänger Barbie? Her ‘human stew’ detox bath?! I’m really not sure. Maybe it was her penchant for a good Betty Draper meme to illustrate our collective moods during lockdown. Or then again, it might have been her impressive hula hooping skills.

Throughout all the random, sometimes unhinged posts, I think what brought me the most joy was knowing that she had enlisted her, most likely baffled, eight-year-old son to take the whacky snaps and clips (sometimes she’s audibly instructing him—as she humbly points out herself, “Haven’t learned to edit.”)

Somewhat like my sudden fascination with Will & Grace star Leslie Jordan’s delightful and robust Instagram presence, I couldn’t get enough of what Jones was up to (and wearing!) *Insert keeping up with the Jones’ reference here.* And evidently, I’m not alone, as the self-deprecating blonde recently hit the impressive one million followers mark.

With captions like “Out of work actor needs attention” and fashion that’s a hybrid between Prada and Palm Beach housewife, you’d be mad not to hit the follow button too.

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