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These are the health supplements you actually need

By newadmin / Published on Saturday, 14 Mar 2020 02:15 AM / No Comments / 21 views

Supplements promise to offer better immunity, increased health benefits and glowing skin, but do they actually help? The answer is yes… sometimes. We spoke to an expert to find out which supplements you need – and which you shouldn’t rush to stock up on.


Vitamin D


There’s no denying our lack of sunlight in the UK, and this could mean many of us have low levels of vitamin D. Tom Jenane, Nutrition & Fitness Expert for Nature’s Health Box told HELLO!: “The sun may cause havoc to our skin, but it is also our main source of Vitamin D. We tend not to get out enough to gain our recommended intake of Vitamin D, especially during the winter months, which can increase the importance of supplementing. 

“I’m personally quite a big fan of the vitamin sprays, as they are highly convenient to take first thing in the morning alongside breakfast .”